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nut India import Customs Data & Price

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionForeign CountryPort of DischargeUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Rate [USD]Importer
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Applicable Duty [USD]

24/Nov/201685369090N037-1431563 POWER STD BLOCK 1P 600V 230A,3/8 NYLON NUT -UNITED STATESHyderabad Air (INHYD4)PCS297.4948.74Offline only
24/Nov/201685369090N037-1433563 POWER STUD BLOCK 3P 600V 230A, 3/8NYLOV NUT -UNITED STATESHyderabad Air (INHYD4)PCS2504.47252.23Offline only
24/Nov/201673181600FLANGE NUT PA6.6 NATURAL M12 ITM NO99948747 (5000 PCS 25.71 EUR)DENMARKAhemdabad Air (INAMD4)KGS17.51510.9886.34Offline only
24/Nov/201673181600113-064-002 NUT SQUARESINGAPOREBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS1151.220.01Offline only
24/Nov/201673181500046-060-003 NUTSINGAPOREBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS14870.730.47Offline only
24/Nov/201673181600046-060-003 NUTSINGAPOREBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS8440.140.47Offline only
24/Nov/201673181600RM 14089429 NUT (PARTS OF VOLVO CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT)GERMANYBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS10.370.37Offline only
24/Nov/201673182990(P/N:CGS 6MM-12) CLINCH NUT (RIVETS AND FASTENERS)UNITED STATESBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS80061.470.07Offline only
24/Nov/201673181600D00D000256-106 CASTLE NUTGERMANYBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS100118.191.18Offline only
24/Nov/201673181600MAHM500S NUT FOR PCB 9-51 WAYSFRANCEBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS750184.330.24Offline only
24/Nov/20167318160027077210 ADJUSTING NUTGERMANYBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS16216.5213.53Offline only
24/Nov/20167318160027077213 CONTROLLER NUTGERMANYBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS5120.8524.17Offline only
24/Nov/201673181600M6 WEDGE NUT-NICKEL( Air (INBLR4)PCS4008.920.02Offline only
24/Nov/201673181600NUT 105234-003(INDUSTRIAL SEWING MACHINE PARTS)CHINABangalore Air (INBLR4)PCS250.280.01Offline only
24/Nov/201673181900NUT NYLON M4 PK50 7016955SINGAPOREBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS22.441.22Offline only
24/Nov/201673181900NUT NYLON M5 PK50 7016967UNITED KINGDOMBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS**2.59**Offline only
24/Nov/201673181900NUT NYLON M6 PK50 7016979UNITED KINGDOMBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS****0.95Offline only
24/Nov/201673181900FIXING KIT NUT AND BOLT 520160UNITED KINGDOMBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS20****Offline only
24/Nov/201673181900HEX NUT M3 NYLON 66 NATURAL 2472687UNITED KINGDOMBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS**6.55**Offline only
24/Nov/201673181500(P/N:803-8502) CAGE NUT M8 (P/F MFG OF UPS) (10000 NUM))SPAINBangalore Air (INBLR4)KGS****6097.28Offline only
24/Nov/2016731816009415121041-NUT, FLANGEJAPANBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS20****Offline only
24/Nov/201673181600N -909-771-01 NUT (PARTS FOR AUTOMOBILE FOR CAPTIVE CONSUMPTION)GERMANYBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS**5.88**Offline only
24/Nov/201673181600VOE 13955781 NUT (PARTS OF VOLVO CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT)GERMANYBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS****0.33Offline only
24/Nov/201673181600VO 948707 SPRING NUT (PARTS OF TRUCKS/BUSES)SWEDENBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS20****Offline only
24/Nov/2016731815000950200011 - HEAD NUT M22X1.25-PARTS OF PNEUMATIC CYLINDER- NOT FOR SALEITALYBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS**18.66**Offline only
24/Nov/2016731815000950802010 PISTON ROD NUT M20X1.5 -PARTS OF PNEUMATIC CYLINDER - NOT FOR SALEITALYBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS****0.61Offline only
24/Nov/201673181600131003 MOTION NUT ECROU D'AVANCEFRANCEBangalore Air (INBLR4)NOS200****Offline only
24/Nov/201687088000AUTOMOBILE PARTS-RING NUT FOR TYPE GRAVEL STRUT SAP11-F1219 (NOT FOR SALE)JAPANBangalore Air (INBLR4)PCS**82.59**Offline only
24/Nov/201673181600SPARE PARTS S4352434 (WEDGE/NUTS)KOREA,REPUBLIC OFBangalore Air (INBLR4)PCS****8.4Offline only
24/Nov/2016731822001698941-1 REPAIR KIT FOR SMOUV 1121 (CONTAINS WASHER & NUT) (PC NO: 4877/2016/LTU DT: 24.11.16)FRANCEBangalore Air (INBLR4)PCS25****Offline only

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