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20 mm India import Customs Data & Price from china

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionForeign CountryPort of DischargeUnitQuantityTotal Value [USD]Unit Rate [USD]Importer
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Mode of Transport
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Applicable Duty [USD]

24/Nov/201685158090N 20 1600 20 MM NOZZLE FOR MODEL 1600 WATTS (PART)CHINASahar Air Cargo (INBOM4)PCS10130.7713.07Offline only
24/Nov/201682029990SAW BLADE-110 MM X 1.8 X 20 MM X 40T-SPEED WOOD TCT CIRCULARSAW-(25000-PCS)CHINAChennai Sea (INMAA1)KGS175019442.511.1Offline only
24/Nov/201682029990SAW BLADE-CIRCULAR TCT BLADE-125 MM X 20 X 30 TEETH WOOD CUTTER-(5000-PCS)CHINAChennai Sea (INMAA1)KGS5003888.57.77Offline only
24/Nov/201682029990DIAMOND CUTTING TOOLS -105 MM DIAMOND SAW -20-16 MM-WASHER-(50000-PCS)CHINAChennai Sea (INMAA1)KGS425034794.58.18Offline only
24/Nov/201639259090L CORNER EDGING XFQ002-2(20 PCS) 4065 X 45 X 45 MM WPCCHINANhava Sheva Sea (INNSA1)KGS49.567.971.37Offline only
24/Nov/201673182990IRON NAIL WITH PLASTIC CLIP (20 MM)CHINATuglakabad ICD (INTKD6)KGS1260758.680.6Offline only
24/Nov/201673181500M.S SELF TAPPING SCREW WITH BONDED WASHERS 4.8 X 20 MMCHINATuglakabad ICD (INTKD6)KGS1225736.410.6Offline only
24/Nov/201639199090TAPE 3M 105 X 20 MM - 1100125065CHINAWaluj ICD (INWAL6)PCS505001375.520.02Offline only
24/Nov/201639199090TAPE 3M 125 X 20 MMCHINAWaluj ICD (INWAL6)PCS1500004976.870.03Offline only
23/Nov/201685322990107-188-3104 TMCC01-104Z50VP5A CAP CER 0.1UF/50V Z5V+80-20% - CCT 5 MM TAPE KINK (CAPACITOR)CHINADelhi Air (INDEL4)PCS76000286.860Offline only
23/Nov/20165806319020 MM FLAT ELASTIC TAPE (9250 M @ USD 0.210)CHINAKolkata Sea (INCCU1)KGS47.5462123.1944.65Offline only
23/Nov/201682029990DIAMOND CUTTING TOOLS-105 MM DIAMOND SAW 20-16 MM WASHER-(100000-PCS)CHINAChennai Sea (INMAA1)KGS850069588.978.18Offline only
23/Nov/201682029990DIAMOND CUTTING TOOLS-125 X 2 X 10 X 22.23-20 MM DIAMOND SEGMENTED SAW -(50000-PCS)CHINAChennai Sea (INMAA1)KGS675048984.997.25Offline only
23/Nov/201696035000PLAIN NYLON SPRIAL BRUSHES (SPRIAL ONLY-WITHOUT AI CORE TUBE) SIZE: 60MM X 660MM X 20 MMCHINAChennai Sea (INMAA1)NOS10341.7934.17Offline only
23/Nov/201672284000ALLOY TOOL STEEL BAR(GRADE-CR12MOV)SIZE IN MM: 20-65 (%:C=1.52,SI=0.35,MN=0.33, CR= 11.24,MO=0.43,P=0.027, S=0.026)CHINANhava Sheva Sea (INNSA1)KGS**14882.48**Offline only
23/Nov/201672284000ALLOY TOOL STEEL BAR(GRADE-1.2379)SIZE IN MM: 20-40(%:C=1.53,SI=0.31,MN=0.35, CR= 11.09,MO=0.73,P=0.026, S=0.021)CHINANhava Sheva Sea (INNSA1)KGS****1.48Offline only
23/Nov/201672284000ALLOY TOOL STEEL BAR(GRADE-D3)SIZE IN MM: 20-60(%:C=2.04,SI=0.35,MN=0.36, CR= 11.31,P=0.025, S=0.021)CHINANhava Sheva Sea (INNSA1)KGS6708****Offline only
23/Nov/201673069090MS WELDED SQUARE PIPE TO S355J2H IN ACCORDANCE WITH EN10219SIZE SHS 300 X 300 X 20 MM,L=6.05 M (3 PCS IN 01 BUNDLES)CHINANhava Sheva Sea (INNSA1)MTS**2014.94**Offline only
23/Nov/201673041190STAINLESS STEEL PIPES SEAMLESS A312 TP316L ASTM NB 20 SCH10SOD 26.67(MM) WT 2.11(MM)(1 PCS)CHINAPatparganj ICD (INPPG6)MTS****4769.4Offline only
23/Nov/201687142090BUSH TUBE ( SHORT ) 20 X 13 X 4.5 MMCHINATuglakabad ICD (INTKD6)PCS10000****Offline only
23/Nov/201687142090BUSH TUBE ( LONG ) 20 X 13 X 33 MMCHINATuglakabad ICD (INTKD6)PCS**3325.71**Offline only
22/Nov/201685124000WIPER BLADE NR 20`` (510 MM) (FOR CAPTIVE CONSUMPTION) -CHINADadri ICD (INDER6)PCS****0.67Offline only
22/Nov/201685158090N 20 1600 20 MM NOZZLE FOR MODEL 1600 WATTS (PART) -CHINASahar Air Cargo (INBOM4)PCS10****Offline only
22/Nov/201682075000HINGE BIT 20 MM M.S.CHINAMumbai Custom House Sea (INBOM1)GRS**40.8**Offline only
22/Nov/201684213990SINTERED FILTER MEDIA 20 MICRON 877*1490 MM [FOR FILTERING LIQUID OF VISCOSE]CHINASahar Air Cargo (INBOM4)PCS****303Offline only
22/Nov/201682057000RADIUS TOOL HOLDER TOTAL H=102/W=20/L = 500 MMCHINASahar Air Cargo (INBOM4)PCS2****Offline only
22/Nov/201681019990TUNGSTEN-COPPER RODS COMPOSITION 80:20 DIA 3X200 MMCHINADelhi Air (INDEL4)PCS**242.48**Offline only
22/Nov/201681019990TUNGSTEN-COPPER RODS COMPOSITION 80:20 DIA 4X200 MMCHINADelhi Air (INDEL4)PCS****5.06Offline only
22/Nov/201681019990TUNGSTEN-COPPER RODS COMPOSITION 80:20 DIA 5X200 MMCHINADelhi Air (INDEL4)PCS10****Offline only

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