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This website, is owned by Export Genius. Using of this website signifies that you are completely agreed with all terms and conditions which are mentioned in Please read all terms and conditions of use carefully before use of this website. All Images, design, logos, videos, trademarks, data and samples are exclusive property of Export Genius. All content at are reserved and protected throughout the world. Any of the content at may not be copied, revise, modify, lease, rent, reproduced, republished, transmitted in any way, either in whole or any part without the prior written permission of Export Genius. Use of the materials such as News, Publication, data, or any other Exim content which is mentioned at on any other website is strictly prohibited.


Export Genius makes all efforts to provide an error free & timely report, however the data is based on government sources and Export Genius does not take any responsibility for its correctness, completeness, changes in formats, timely availability etc.

Export Genius accepts no liability of any kind of loss or damages resulting from the use of this site or any materials contained on it. Export Genius takes No warranties that the materials on this site are error-free, or that they are fit for any particular purpose or requirements. No statement on this website is to be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell assets, or to provide investment advice.

Once you or your organizations subscribe/uses of our data, News, publication or any other Exim content either online or offline will be subject to the following terms and conditions:

1-Ownership of the Export Genius:

All subscribers/ Users undertake that all data, news, Publication, Logos, text, software and trade mark (whether registered or unregistered) is the intellectual Property of Export Genius. It will not copy, reproduced, sell, share, distribute, rent, lease, revised, extract and transmitted in any way either whole or any part. Subscribers/ Users also undertake that all data, information, News, Publication will be used only for their internal business promotion and their rights of using our data are limited. Export Genius will remain the owner of the data. Export Genius may terminate all or Part services Immediate effect and without any notice if any subscriber founds defaulter or against our rules.

2-Data, News and Publication Availability:

Export Genius Makes all efforts to provide you an error free and timely report. However data is based on government source therefore export genius does not take any responsibility for its correctness, completeness, changes in format, timely availability etc. Export Genius makes all endeavors to ensure that the services/Data will be available to subscriber on time but shall not be liable for delay in data whether technical difficulties or other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of Export Genius.

3-Subscription Prices:

Export Genius Provides 190 Countries shipment database. Subscription charges are based on which country data you purchased, Time period of subscription, Report type etc. Export Genius also provides some countries data online for our users. The subscription charges mentioned in our website are excludes VAT, Sales Tax or Service Tax (unless otherwise stated). For detailed information of subscription charges; person may contact our sales Department by phone or Email.

4-Payment Terms:

The Subscriber undertakes to pay all payments in advanced in favour of Export Genius for supply of the Services or data, unless otherwise specifically agreed. In any case subscriber/users Fails to settle their payment, Export Genius may suspend their services (either full or any part) without any prior Notice. Customers may pay by credit card, debit card, NEFT, RTGS, Cheque, Cash, Demand draft, PayPal or Western Union. In the middle of the subscription, customers are free to upgrade their subscription at any time. By default, your subscription will auto-renew at the end of the Term. Renew will have the same subscription amount, Time period and Limit of uses as per the current subscription. You can terminate your subscription for auto-renewal at any time with help of our Customer care or your account manager in Export Genius by serving notice, in writing, no less than 7 days prior to the end of the subscription. In that case, your subscription will expire at the end of the term. Cancelation of the Agreement for any reason shall not affect Export Genius right to recover/refund any money unless and otherwise mutual understanding.

5-Privacy and Confidentiality:

The Subscriber undertakes not to disclose data, our contract terms, price of subscription, or any other confidential information with any third party. Being a subscriber you can disclose data and other confidential information only to your employees, agents, senior officers or colleague which is related to your organization directly or indirectly.
At the time of subscription Export Genius May ask for your information which is required to complete the contract i.e. Phone Number, Email, Postal Address etc. we assure you not to disclose your personal information to any third party for any promotional purpose. However we may send you our business offers and News free of Cost. Export Genius will disclose your information only our staff members to complete the contract

6-Law and Jurisdiction

Use of our data, News, Publication, use of this website and our all terms shall be subject to the law of Delhi Court, India.
The New Delhi, India Court will be the exclusive Jurisdiction over all disputes and claims arising with this website or using our data. Export genius also has rights to transfer the entire dispute in any other court of India as per circumstances.

7-Waiver or Refunds:

Export Genius undertakes No Liability to refund or waive off full or any part of the amount to their subscriber/readers/users in event of changes in Formats, completeness, correctness or timely availability of the data.

8-Summary of Agreement:

This Agreement is between Export Genius and their Subscribers/readers. All users are requested to read all terms and conditions carefully before using our services or data. It may be necessary from time to time for us to amend or change the terms and conditions, in that event export Genius reserve all rights to modify the policy without any prior Notice . However revised conditions will be posted on our website time to time.

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